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The Year Canadians Stood Tall

Canada Says 'Thank You'

Convoy Canines

Glory Days

Joyous Carnival

Faces of Freedom

Merry Christmas

Why the Wedding Photographer Went to Ottawa

Why They Went to Ottawa

I'm Gonna Dance You to Safety

Canada Went Rogue, Damaging Our International Reputation

Grandson of Immigrants Has No Empathy for Immigrant Truckers

Here's Who Froze Trucker Bank Accounts

The Man in the Wheelchair

Custom Knit Gratitude

Gratitude by the Yard

Wrecking Ball, Part 3

Journalists Who Think the Wrecking Ball Was Real

The Phantom Wrecking Ball

Unacceptable Views: The Film

Shallow, Self-Serving Sanctimony

The Many Meanings of Violence

Going Nuclear on the Truckers

Canada's Activist Civil Service

Objective Ottawa Insiders?

Journalistic Venom vs Salt-of-the-Earth Decency

Rancid & Corrupt Mainstream Media

Quotable Quotes from Brigitte Belton

The Warning Signs Were Here

What Did You Want Me To Do? Lose Everything?

Scorning the Little People & Their Cries for Help

What Would Justin Trudeau Have Done?

Learning Some Respect

Lobbyists: 24k, Truckers: 0

Returning November 28th

Now Available: Honking for Freedom

O Canada, What Kind of Hellhole are We Turning Into?

Rideau & Sussex: The Balloon Deflates

Who are Les Farfadaas?

Andrew Lawton Reports on Tamara's Testimony

Who is Steeve Charland?

Bonjour Dear Truck Driver

When Politicians Abdicate, Others Step Forward

Arresting the Peaceful and the Law-Abiding

One More Failsafe that Fails Us?

The Freedom Convoy Bitcoin Story

Flying Towards Ottawa and Freedom

The Emergencies Act & the CBC

Off-the-Scale Generosity

Truckers Have a Broader Perspective

Ottawa Police Chief Redefines 'Violence'

Who's Trauma Matters?

Voters Reject Rabidly Anti-Convoy Candidate

Compelling New Book about the Freedom Convoy

Drama Queen Diane Deans

The Convoy's Early Timeline

An Officer with a Conscience

No Basis in Fact

Share Your Views with the Emergencies Act Commission

Ottawa Mayor's Disturbing Confusion

Friday Night in the Big City

Two Hours Outside of Ottawa

Convoy Video Footage in One Place

Sheila Tweets about Zexi

Dr Malone Salutes the Truckers

Freedom Convoy Hearings Begin Today

More Love & Compassion, Please

Get Your Freedom Pie

Freedom Apple Pie

Giving Thanks

Repeated Requests for More Time Ignored

How Lobbyists Failed Truckers

The Manitoba Trucking Association

The Canadian Trucking Alliance

Immense, Tearful Gratitude

Please Don't Go

Thank You from Kenora

Solidarity from Lac-St-Jean

Freedom Loving Fellas

Freedom Loving Ladies

A Mother, a Daughter & the Damage Wrought

Arrivals & Departures

Here We Are in Ottawa

Preserving the Evidence

Chinese Immigrant Says Trucker Protest was 'Civilized'

A Distraught Mom Thanks the Truckers

More Kids' Letters to the Truckers

Palminder Singh, Convoy Supporter

Talking Back to the Prime Minister

Children's Letters in a Time of Stigma

Parenting in a Time of Stigma

Hospital Care in a Time of Segregation

High School in a Time of Segregation

Pregnancy in a Time of Coercion

A Time of Coercion

The Heart & Soul of Canada

It Felt Like the Sunday Fair

Preserving the People's History

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I Truly Believed My Canada Was Good

The Most Happening City in North America

Freedom is a Must!

It's Magical

Canada Day Squared

Do Not Lose This Beautiful, Strong, Free Country

Thanks for Being Out Here

Leaving Manitoba, Leaving Ottawa

The $10k Coffee Fairy

The Milk Jug Boys

Roses & Steak Dinner

I'm at the Front of the Line Here

Mother Daughter Road Trip

Dear Beautiful Stranger

Prairie Protesters

One for the History Books

When World Views Shift

These Were My People

Why the Museum Supervisor Went to Ottawa

The Compassion of Strangers

Illuminating the Darkness

The Truckers Did That

In Your Chariots of Steel

The People Speak - Part 2

The People Speak

Thank You for Being Here

Gabriel & the Firewood

I Fully Supported Them

Love Letter to the Truckers

You Are My Brother

Revving My Engine, Blowing My Horn

Ottawa Changed Me

A Beautiful Thing

Thank You from Four Women

Cool as a Cucumber

Fined for Flying Canadian Flag

What's Going On Here, Man?

Why the Dog Breeder Went to Ottawa

Animal Cruelty

Modern Day Heroes

First Sunday in Ottawa

Stand Up for Your Rights

Gratitude for Tamara Lich

Want a Hug?

United Under the Banner of Freedom

Thank You from Moncton

Thank You from a Farm Family

Like a Movie

E-transfers & More

Police Seizure Backfires

Freedom Convoy: Book by Andrew Lawton

A Glimpse of Paradise

One Big Circle

Helping Hands

The Kindness of Strangers

From Hero to Zero: Dan's Story

I'm Not Running from Canada

As Truck Horns Shriek

A War for Freedom

Pepper Sprayed Point Blank in the Face

The Crane Operator & the Bulgarian Immigrant

Welcome to Ottawa

Grassroots in Kamloops

The Hot Tub & the Bouncy Castles

No Ordinary Protest

Thank You for Saving My Kids

What Salman Told the Crowd in Ottawa

Truckers vs Tyranny

Exasperated Canadian Sings

Exasperated Canadians Speak

Women on Horseback: Enough is Enough

Message from the Centre of Canada

Enough is Enough

Dance Party

Paused Due to Technical Difficulties

Delivering Freedom One Jug at a Time

Hazel & Rick

I'll Just Stand My Ground

Snowballs & Goofballs

Why Aircraft Mechanics Went to Ottawa (Part 2)

Why Aircraft Mechanics Went to Ottawa

Canadian Truckers Shine

Freedom Puppies

Look Out Ottawa, the Maritimes Are Coming!

7 am In Nova Scotia

Frozen Bank Accounts

Three Men and a Van

Frozen Ketchup & Brand New BBQs

This Miraculous Thing

Ottawa Pastor's Wife: I Had More Volunteers Than I Knew What To Do With

Trucks in the Snow

Hardly a Fringe Minority

Because You Are Wonderful

Directly Into Trucker Hands

Trucker Donations Exceed 'Historic' Trudeau Fundraising

You Can't Stop Organic Support

They Begged Me Not To Leave

Miles of Smiles

Winter Camping

Honk, Honk!

Have A Cookie!

Thank You For Caring

Faith Abides

Canada Day, Jacked!

Do These Words Mean Anything?

I Want My Children to Grow Up Free

No Jab, No Service

Convoy Dogs

Jerry Can Brigade

Cheerful Defiance

Freedom Juice

Thundering Towards Ottawa

Woodstock in Winter

Making Canada Cool Again

Restoring Hope to Ignored Canadians

Hope and Despair

Like the Biggest Rock Concert, Down the Main Highway of Canada

Standing Behind 'Our Truckers'

Doctor Tells Truckers: We Can Never Thank You Enough

Defiance, Trucker Style

As Police Advance, Freedom Fighter Reads Notes from Kids Aloud on Air

Happiest Day in Two Years

Love & Unity on Highway Overpasses

A Romanian Immigrant's Story

River of Handshakes

Dave & the Shed

The Speech From Which This Blog Takes Its Name

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