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Christmas, Children & Freedom

Exceptional Enthusiasm (Part 6)

Exceptional Enthusiasm (Part 5)

Exceptional Enthusiasm (Part 4)

Exceptional Enthusiasm (Part 3)

Exceptional Enthusiasm (Part 2)

Exceptional Enthusiasm

Vote on the Quote

Blessings from a Nun

New Zealand Film Now Online

A Seismic Event

Never Refused Entry to America

Final Night in Ottawa

They're So Proud of Their Dad

Smack Dab in Front of Parliament

Faith in a Higher Power

Pandemic Fault Lines

The Church in the Greenhouse

Trucker Bill

You Gotta Laugh

Arriving in Style

A Voice for the Voiceless

Why Are You Here?

A Beautiful Thing to See

Social Isolation & the Churches

Necessities of Life

How Many Were Coerced?

More Stress & More Work

A Lawful Protest

Worried About Driving Over Somebody

Jonker Brotherhood

Encounters with the Media

What a Real Thank You Note Looks Like

Early Footage

Double Standards, Convoy Edition

This Beacon of Light

We Just Spread the Love

Government Wasn't Listening

Leaders Bring People Together

Nobody Talks About WHY People Were Scared

We Ran a Tight Ship

Trucker Town Rises out of a Frozen Farm Field



Shunned in Childhood

10 Nasty Paragraphs

Ice Roads, Ravens & Northern Lights

Did I Do Anything Criminally Wrong?

When Police Commit Vandalism

Frozen Bank Accounts

How Can I Be the Most Peaceful?

Let Me Play Hockey

That Relationship Changed My Life

When Grassroots Became a Groundswell

Nothing Made Sense

Save the Dates: Mack Driver Back in Court

Tamara's Lawyer Speaks

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Who are the Coutts Four?

Checkered Flag

Public Support Didn't End when the Protest Did

Cupfuls of Love

Guy's Ottawa Photo Album

Update on Two Trials

Remembering the Smiles

Who Was Michael Jamieson?

Gone to the Highway in the Sky

Out in the Cold, in the Middle of Nowhere

Mack Truck Driver in Court

That Greenspon Photo

There's No Time Limit on Freedom

Dispatch from Small Town Ontario

Last Stand on Kent Street

Like a Grenade

They Made Me Look Like a Psycho

Angels of Mercy

I Never Saw the Sun

Why Didn't They Talk to the Freedom Convoy?

The Farmers Behind the Truckers

Interviewed by a Trucker

Democracy Fund Trial Coverage

13 Convoys to Ottawa

Mama Sandra

Miracles from Nothing

Defrosting Sausages Under the Hood

It Was a Prison

Trish Wood in the Courtroom

As Though We Were Scum

River of Freedom - the Film


Mischief Charge Dismissed

It Looked Like Christmas

A Trucker's Adventures in Ottawa

What Do You Need?

Museum Worthy

Inside That Vintage Mack Truck

The Freightliner, the Mack & the Duck

When Police Impede the Ambulances

Regular Canadians vs the Media

Bootlegging Fuel into Ottawa

We're Going Downtown

The Trucks, the Flags, the Songs

Parallel Universe

Enough is Enough

Like Crossing into Another Dimension

Such a High

Someone I Don't Know Paid for My Room

When Government Behaves Unethically

Regular Folk, Rural Folk

A Costly Experience

The Love, the Hugs, the Handshakes

We Got This Corner, We're Not Giving It Up

Abundance of Accolades

Are You Going? OK, I'm Going

What Were People Thinking?

Stunning Nova Scotia

I'm Proud I Went Up There

You Can Interview That Front Tire

14 Parking Tickets

Trust Me, I'll Take You Right Downtown

Every Beautiful Thing You'd Ever Seen

A Fisherman, a Truck & a Train Horn

This is Our History, These are Our Stories

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Oh, Canada

Harold Jonker Charged 14 Months Later

Southern Ontario Fundraiser, July 11

Why the Diner Owner Fed the Truckers

Who Supported the Truckers?

Luis & His Faith

Belated Fathers' Day

COVID Checkpoints

Truth Teller David Maybury

About Those Truckers Outside

Nature Break: Yellow, Pink & Blue

Essay from the UK

Not How Healthy People Behave

This Was Much Deeper Than the Truckers

Not a Trucker Anymore

Why Were We Creating a Dangerous Stereotype?

Scarring the Children

You're Gonna Make Me Cry

Gentle, Implacable People Power

Coutts Protesters Deserve Their Day in Court

Nature Break: Tree Peonies

Walmart's Plexiglass Cages

Why the Truckers Won

No Apology

Fake Security Bulletin Slandered Convoy

Halloween in Reverse

Tractors in Ottawa

$1.75 Million in Government Funding is Not 'Independent'

3 Weeks Into Pandemic, Expert Decries Misinformation

The Vaccine Brainwashing Bandwagon

Nature Break: Chocolate Vine

Anita the Firecracker

I Got Fired for Speaking Up

Anita Krishna, Independent Thinker

Enthusiasm in Kakabeka Falls

Journalists & Government in Lockstep

We Betrayed the Public, We Broke Their Trust

A Powerful Story of Grassroots Unity

Canada's COVID Media Disaster

Delighting the Children

US Presidential Hopeful Slams Freezing of Trucker Bank Accounts

Calloused Hands & What Used to be Called Journalism

1963 Birmingham, 2022 Ottawa

How Big Was the Trucker Protest?

Nature Break: Robin Redbreast

Suffering & Suicide

Unproven Allegation, Massive Patient Harm

Defining Disgraceful & Dishonourable

The Indiana Trucker at the Ottawa Protest

Approaching Ottawa

A Blank Cheque to Oppress, Intimidate & Tyrannize

The Doctors, the Lawyer & Franz Kafka

An Unforgettable Three Minutes

They Don't Want to Understand

This is Your Canada Today

Choice Words

Faith & Freedom

Ignoring the Red Flags

When Does the Drama End?

Alberta Children's Hospital: Safe or Toxic?

Raise Safety Concerns, Get Accused of Spreading Misinformation

How a Pediatrician's Career Imploded

Andrew Coyne vs Eric Payne

Children's Medical Specialist Thanks Truckers

Censored by YouTube & TikTok

Diverse Voices, Diverse Support

Garbage, Lies & Hogwash

Limited Edition Coffee Table Book

$1600 Fine

I Was Fed, I Was Welcomed

Expectant Momma

Hard to Swallow

The Big Reveal

Who are Ted & Sally?

Painful Stories: More Funeral Director Testimony

What Kind of Man Are You?

Kyra's Story

Education in a Time of Insanity

Hope Drawn from the Convoy

Hate Directed at the Young

Everybody United for Freedom

Good Cop, Bad Cop

We Were Not In This Alone

Rice and Beans

Ministering Angels

I Need To Be There

When Canada Was Cruel, Ugly, Segregated

The Parkway Shuffle

Escape from the Parkway

Trucker Drone Footage: 2 Views

Concerning the John A. Parkway

10 PM in the Nation's Capital

Making an Entrance

The Night Before Ottawa

Rolling Through Northern Ontario

The Whirlwind Gathers

Give That Man a Hug

Trucker Courtesy & Solidarity

Fork in the Road

Truck Convoy in Progress

Generosity Beyond Measure in Thunder Bay

Kenora to Dryden

Pulling the World Together

Awake in the Parking Lot

Onward to Ontario

Wildest Ride Ever

Wondrous Winnipeg

Hutterite Country

Food by the Boxful

Fireworks & Applause

Before Ottawa

2800 Miles of Driving

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Thank You from Italy

Don't Talk to Me About My Obligations

The Nurse and the Police Officer

UK Surgeon Thanks the Canadian Truckers

Dan Remembers the Magic

When the Most Cynical Amongst Us Are Proved Right

It Has To Be a Real Emergency

What the Police Told the Inquiry

Mr Sunny Ways Wrecks Valentine's Day

Freedom Convoy Valentine's Day

Standing on Guard (Part 3)

Standing on Guard (Part 2)

Standing on Guard

Rights, Freedoms & Gulags

Iconic Good Humour

Higher Purpose

I Arrive in Trucker Town

Michelle's Story (Part 2)

Michelle's Story

Sometimes All You Have is Your Horn

What an Amazing Coincidence

Labour Unions' Everlasting Shame

The Silence of the Pandemic Planners & Opposition Politicians

Review of 'Opa's Convoy Letters'

Freedom Convoy as InkBlot Test

A Year Ago Today

When 'No Idea Too Crazy' Means Ignoring the Obvious

Government to Blame for Ottawa 'Occupation'

A Mayor, A Protester, An Agreement

The Hide-Under-Your-Desk School of Leadership

What Was the Mayor's Brain Damage?

Freedom Convoy: What Did it Teach Us About Police Capacity?

Freedom Convoy: Historically Significant or a Nothing Burger?

Government: A Fertile Source of Misinformation

Andrew Coyne's Freedom Convoy Misinformation

Tales of Calgary-Based Legal Beagles

Not Just a Book, a Website

Digital Preview of ‘Opa's Convoy Letters’

Let Me Tell You a Sweet, Sweet Story

Law Professor Doesn't Mince Words

Civil Rights Groups Ridicule Canadian Government

The Continuous Honking Myth

Competing Freedom Convoy Perspectives

Justin Trudeau Has Some Explaining To Do

Inventing a National Security Crisis

Democracy in Name Only

Freedom's Defence Team

Outnumbered by a Factor of Six

Well This is Embarrassing

Media Derision is Out of Step

So-Called, Scare Quote Journalism

The Nameless Newsmakers

CBC Misjudges 'News Story of the Year'

A New Year